Ectoplasm Studio
Ectoplasm studio is an independant video games developper studio. Our goal is to produce video games on the "Vilain" perspective because we think video games is a good way to do what you can't normally do in the real life. There is no real physical and official location "yet" for the studio headquarter, as we are in fact a bunch of freelancer artists and programmers working on these projects. Making it difficult to establish a location at the moment as we are located in different city, different country and some are working full time, some part time. We communicate often via the net to coordonate everything and make this all possible.
If you are interested to be part of the team, do not hesitate to visit the career section to see the openings or if you wish to know more about us or have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write us at

If you wish to donate via Paypal to Ectoplasm Studio, you can do so by using the following link.